May 5, 2019

What?! I have to pay that much money?! Just for a simple app?!

No Sarahhhhh 🙄 .... You're not just paying for "a simple app".


1) The design of the app.

The design of every. single. page, screen, button, margin, shadow, transition, animation and paragraph of text you see

Not only do these components have to look good, but they have to be consistent across every screen/activity. No really, your app user base will consist of some folk with this super power we all know as OCD. One inconsistency or poor design choice equals (dun dun duuuuun) 1 star ratings (GASP!).

2) The UI/UX Experience.

That is, what the users see during different interactions with the app. You ever noticed when using your biggest time-waster favorite Social Media app Instagram; swiping to the left when on the news feed slides open the camera with a swoosh-effect? Looks cool, right? Right. It’s not necessary, but it adds that “pizzaz” to the app.

Even the minor animations, such as the pull-to-refresh-feed animation. The spinning cycle, the way new feed items fade/slide into view. That… That is the pineapples on pizza that everyone thought you didn’t need!

3) Bug-Squishing & Responsiveness.

Obviously, the biggest concern is for your app to do what it’s supposed to do. At all times. Every time. Across EVERY single mobile device. You don’t want any of those famous : “bUt iT wAs wORkiNg oN mY pHoNe” excuses from the developer whenever your app crashes on a device post-launch.

Nobody likes a buggy app. Nobody wants to see “sorry, this function cannot be done at the moment, please try again later”.
Even when the app apologizes to you for screwing up, you still find yourself mumbling under your breath.

So, In Summary:

Always keep in mind that there will be different kinds of people out there using your app. And it has to be aesthetically pleasing to 90% of them (if not all of them, if you’re into that kind of perfectionist stuff).

A rather common misconception is that an app will be able to run on all phones. I don’t blame you. I blame that silly Leprechaun, Steve, for whispering false rumors in your ear. Let me clear that up for you:

  • There are currently only 2 widely used operating systems on mobile devices, Android and iOS (yes yes, we know… “iPhOnE iS sUpErIoR”… yeah, we get it already).
  • Now, between iPhones and Android phones, each one of them uses different software, hardware, etc.
  • And to make matters more complex, there exists hundreds of different Android OS versions, for example.
  • Trying to get your app to run CONSISTENTLY on ALL those different device hardware, screen sizes and operating systems – all WITHOUT crashing – is no child’s play.

So as you can see, next time that leprechaun comes around trying to tell you Mobile App development should be cheap, give him the ol’ 1-2-uppercut…

Mobile app development is not supposed to cost peanuts. And it shouldn’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg either (without reason).

So don’t worry if a mobile app development quote is much higher than you expected. The price is commensurate to the complexity of the app.

Here’s some example code of a simple login page. 667 lines of (bug-free) code. And for some projects, it gets much much worse than this.

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